What is an explosion-proof walkie-talkie?

Explosion-proof walkie-talkie refers to the walkie-talkie used in harsh environments such as flammable, explosive, dust, etc., and is used in different environments according to different explosion-proof certification levels. Due to the special nature of the environment used by explosion-proof walkie-talkies, we need special attention in daily use and maintenance.

Explosion-proof walkie-talkie maintenance and precautions

1 Certified label explosion-proof walkie-talkie has the label certified by the authority, and clearly indicates the explosion-proof grade, gas environment and other information. In the process of using the explosion-proof walkie-talkie, we must pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the label, and can not add other labels at will. .

2 Hazardous environment When using in a hazardous environment, the accessory connector should not be exposed to the outside. It should be tightly shielded with a dust cover. Since the contact spark may be generated due to static electricity when the walkie-talkie is disassembled, the user cannot replace the battery or other accessories (even those certified by the explosion-proof testing agency) in a hazardous environment during the use of the explosion-proof machine.

3 When charging and antenna charging, the machine power switch should be turned off, and the call transmission operation should not be performed at the same time during charging to avoid accidental burning of components or batteries. In addition, when using the machine, do not use the antenna to remove the antenna. Do not bend the antenna.

4 Disassembly and modification Do not disassemble or modify the explosion-proof walkie-talkie in any way. The original design structure of the hardware needs to be re-examined. Therefore, only the original manufacturer can perform machine disassembly repair or modification in the production site or maintenance site certified by the explosion-proof mechanism.

5 Return to the factory test It is recommended that the explosion-proof walkie-talkie should be returned to the factory in time to re-test and determine the explosion-proof level after two years of use, so as to avoid accidents caused by the long-term use of reducing the explosion-proof level.

Battery Usage and Maintenance Precautions Explosion-proof walkie-talkies must be equipped with corresponding explosion-proof batteries. The battery should also be noted as follows:

  1. Read the instruction manual carefully and charge it as required. Especially new batteries are used.
  2. Motorola original battery charging must use the original Motorola charger.
  3. If the battery is charged on the transceiver, the intercom machine will be required.
  4. Do not put the fully charged battery back on the charger and then “power up”, which will reduce the cycle life of the battery. Excessive battery charging can also damage the battery.
  5. Take care to protect the battery’s charging contacts and never touch other metal objects.
  6. Try to avoid the battery being left unused for a long time. If it is necessary, it should be charged and discharged regularly to ensure its service life. Do not store the battery in a humid or hot place.
  7. Do not remove any labels from the battery.

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