“Earth From Space” 3D Globe Images

 3D Nature’s “Ultimate Earth” Earth from Space images for print, web and television. 

This series of images feature beautiful satellite images of the Earth showing each of the major continents as it would appear when viewed floating in space above the planet. Available both with and without clouds at extremely high resolution, they are already widely used in books, magazines, web sites and television programs around the world. Created from highly-detailed terrain and satellite imagery data, these are some of the best-looking globe images available!


Images are available in RGB form at 2048×2048 pixel resolution in PNG format. These are suitable for 300dpi printing at up to 6 inches square, or even larger at lower DPI. This web page shows the 512×512 pixel versions with a slight watermark. You can use these for mockups and composition checking. When you’re ready to get the full final image, drop our licensing department a note and let us know who you are and where/how you plan on using the images. Licensing starts at $250 for basic commercial use.