Altova Authentic® 2017 is a powerful XML content authoring tool and document editor. With Authentic, business users can view and edit information stored in XML documents and SQL databases, using familiar conventions from existing business forms and office productivity applications. Authentic is available as both a desktop version and a browser plug-in. Authentic templates and forms are created using Altova StyleVision® 2017 – Altova’s award-winning stylesheet design tool.

XML Authoring Tool

Authentic offers business users the ability to directly edit XML content through easy-to-use document templates with the benefits of real-time validation, full support for CALS and HTML tables, and customizable templates for the most demanding enterprise content editing. Authentic also seamlessly supports industry standard XML templates such as DITA and DocBook. 

Portable XML Forms

Authentic offers rich input formatting and seamless support for a variety of content types including tables, charts, graphs, images, and hyperlinks. These can be combined to create compelling Portable XML Forms that allow organizations to capture business data and integrate it into internal document workflows, including XML signature and integration with back-end SQL databases.

Flexible Deployment Options

XML content authoring as well as enterprise business forms often address both traditional Windows desktop clients and browser-based user experiences, and Authentic supports both of the popular deployment models. Authentic Desktop Edition is a full-featured rich client XML editing solution, and the Authentic browser plug-in can be used within Chrome, Firefox, and Internet 

Authentic Features for Developers

Authentic supports a broad range of developer-oriented features in order to address the full spectrum of today’s enterprise requirements. Feature highlights include dynamic input validation (using schema-based constraints as well as dynamic XPath expressions), project management, scripting and APIs for Java and .NET, Eclipse and Visual Studio integration, and much more.