You need DNSBOX if:

  • Your DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) admin takes a lot of time and effort
  • You want more control over your IP address space usage
  • You want to ensure these core network services are secure and available


DNSBOX is a range of DDI appliances – with a variety of different models for different tasks – combining the benefits of enterprise-class DDI management software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.

DNSBOX customers come in all shapes and sizes: Global 100, governments/public sector, service providers and SMEs around the world use DNSBOX because it makes DDI much easier, saves money and means they have less to worry about.

These customers needs vary:

  • Many are looking for an end-to-end fully integrated DDI solution
  • Others are looking to solve a narrower issue:
    • maybe only one of DNS, DHCP or IPAM
    • maybe just to fix a local DNS or DHCP server issue in a specific location

Whatever their needs, customers choose DNSBOX because, compared with alternatives, it is:

  • Simpler – saving time and money on deployment, training and administration
  • Rock-solid – making your DDI more secure, reliable and robust
  • More flexible – with options to better fit each user’s specific requirement
  • Comes with outstanding service – to make your life easier
  • More affordable – saving on capex


Simplify, Control and Protect Your DDI

A DDI management solution will make administration of your network’s names and numbers – planning IP address usage, running DNS and DHCP services – much easier:

  • Radically simplify the work involved, saving time, saving money
  • Increase control over the data, how people process the data and the resulting quality of your DDI services
  • Protect these core services from high-impact security threats and service failures

Standard tools have poorly designed workflows making it unnecessarily difficult

  • There is a lot to learn and know. Administrators must remember the correct format/data for entry, as well as be familiar with complex protocols.
  • Standard editing of DDI data seems designed to make your life difficult and create extra work! There are lots of inefficient repetitive steps, many dos and don’ts to remember and the chances of a mistake are high.
  • There are multiple connected servers to manage.  Maintaining each server and controlling the linkages between them is difficult.

Risks are high and so is the business impact if something does go wrong

  • Even a little mistake could mean a DNS or DHCP service fails, so the network fails and you have a big business problem.
  • DDI services are top security targets.  Protecting against attack is complex and difficult.
  • Server failure can lead to disaster, so reliability and redundancy are key issues.

The difficulty of the work leads to people issues

  • You have to rely on more experienced staff. Losing experts is a problem.
  • In larger networks, with the workload shared across different places, with several tools, not one system, coordination is a headache and you can end up with conflicts to manage.

An integrated DDI solution like DNSBOX deals with these headaches and makes your life easier.


Increase DDI Control and Protection, Reduce Complexity and Cost

DNSBOX is a range of fit-for-purpose appliances combining the benefits of enterprise-class DDI software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.

With DNSBOX you will:

  • Radically simplify DDI admin, saving time, saving money
  • Increase control over administration of and access to your DDI services
  • Protect these services from security threats and service failures

The DNSBOX range features different models purpose-built for different tasks

  • Central management “master” appliances feature powerful full-featured DDI management software, and fully integrated DDI and dedicated DNS options
  • Remote server ultra-secure “slave” appliances for DNS slave, recursive resolver (DNS cache) and DHCP server roles feature smart, flexible options to fit specific requirements, including high performance


The range makes Best Practice DDI architectures easy and affordable. It is designed with flexible options to let us customise a solution fit for your specific needs – whether its a fully integrated DDI solution or a more specialised requirement, such as:

  • Just one, maybe two, of DNS, DHCP or IPAM
  • Fixing a local DNS or DHCP server problem in a specific location

All DNSBOX models are built on the ApplianSys server appliance platform. Its world-class GUI, smart server management, hardened operating system and sensible hardware designs give you security, reliability and ease of use to make your life easier.

Since 2002, DNSBOX has served customers around the world in all sectors and sizes, including service providers, enterprises, educational institutions and government organisations.

DNSBOX takes the headaches out of managing DDI and offers outstanding value because it:

  • Makes your life easier
    • Creating and administering a complete DDI solution is simpler than with alternatives
    • ApplianSys builds a better appliance
  • Is rock solid – compared to alternatives it is more secure, more reliable, provides easier redundancy and cost-effective resilience
  • Is more flexible – with more options and integration features to fit your specific need: if you don’t want to change everything, you don’t need to
  • Comes with great customer service
  • Is more reasonably priced – you can get a redundant solution for less than the cost of a single server from some vendors