BelFone BF-860 is a professional FM radio with

a high transmitting power to extend talk range, and if you don??t need it you

can switch to a 1W low transmitting power. This power flexibility and the

built-in flashlight together with many other conventional features are designed

to bring the most convenience and efficiency to the user.


When the signal is weak, the user can

activate this feature which will enable BF-860 to pick to the weakest signals

on the current channel.


When the user activates this feature,

BF-860 will scan all the pre-defined channels on the radio and the user can

easily access any communication activities on any channel.

Hands-free VOX

The user can transmit using his voice and

without having to press the PTT button. This function helps to liberate your

hands so that you can focus better on your missions. The feature can be

activated only with a paired BelFone earpiece.

PC Programming

The user can connect the BF-860 to a PC and

preset the radio according to his communication needs.

Squelch Levels (0-9)

This helps minimize interferences from

unwanted weak signals and gives you a better audio experience.


By limiting each transmission time,?Time-out Timer?prevents

channels from being unnecessarily occupied by mis-operation and thus improves

channel efficiency.

Wide/narrow Bands Switchable

The user can preset the bandwidth of each

channel ( 25KHz or 12.5KHz) according to his communication needs, which delivers flexible and

easy migration of channel spacing requirements in any situation.

Low Power Alert

When the battery gets too low, the LED

light on the top of the radio will flash red and the user should start

recharging his radio.

Auto Power Save

When BF-860 is not transmitting or

receiving signals and when there is no operation, it automatically switches into

power save mode to extend battery standby time.


This can effectively prevent interferences

from other conversations at the same frequency.?

Built-in Flashlight

The built-in flashlight is designed to

bring more convenience to the user when the user is working in a dark