IP67 digital radio BF-TD511EG Especially for Arabic Users!

DMO True 2-Slot

In direct mode this radio supports two voice calls simultaneously due to DMR two timeslots, which means two communication paths on 1 frequency at no extra costs or frequency license.

DMO Pseudo Trunk

The user can choose slot 1 or slot 2 for communications. When one slot is occupied the radio will automatically switch into the free slot. Frequency efficiency is greatly increased.

Digital/analog Dual Modes

BF-TD511EG gives you a smooth transition from analog to digital.

Private Call, Group Call and All Call

The versatile calling functions bring more efficiency to your teamwork.

Long Battery Standard Time

BF-TD511EG is a powerful radio with a long battery life. (digital 22h& analog 16h)

Excellent Audio Quality

BF-TD511EG delivers a loud and clear digital audio. It is a brand new audio experience.

Transmit Interrupt

This function enables a supervisor to interrupt a radio conversation in order to clear a channel for more important communications.

Remote Kill/Revive

Such functions enable you to kill or revive a radio over the air. This greatly facilitates dispatching work and can be especially useful should a radio happen to be lost. You can easily remote kill the lost radio and confidential information can be kept from leaking out.

Radio Priority-based Interruption

This function enables a radio with higher level to interrupt communications between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to radios with higher levels. This means better dispatching efficiency.

Personnel Safety

If some worker slips or falls, the man-down function will automatically activate and transmit a signal to his colleagues for help. Built-in Lone Worker and Emergency Alarms are also available in case of any accident.

5 Tone/DTMF(Optional)

With 5 tone and DTMF signaling, the user can use the numeric keypad to dial number and initiate a transmission. It also enables the user to activate remote stun/revive/kill in digital mode, which are very important features when it comes to dispatching.