This function

enables you to monitor all the communications on the same channel.



This function enables you to listen for all the

communications on all the channels. You can easily find out what’s going on on

different channels.



With our paired

VOX earpiece, this function helps to liberate your hands so that you can focus

better on your missions.


Nine Squelch Levels Selectable

Filters out

unwanted interference and enhances audio clarity.

Time-out Timer (TOT)

By limiting each

transmission time?and

stopping the transmission when time is out, this function effectively prevents

a channel from being unduly occupied by any radio.

Wide/Narrow Bands Ready

This function

enables you to freely switch between wide band?25KHz and narrow band?12.5KHz?).

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)?

A channel already

in use is not available to other users., which keeps the channel free from


Channel Prompt

You don’t have

to waste your attention on the reading of channels. You will just have to

listen to the voice prompt to know which channel you are on.


Set up workgroups/users

with CDCSS/CTCSS to prevent interference from conversations on the same