The Most Popular .NET Reporting Toolset

Developers love ActiveReports’ extensive .NET API, data visualization and navigation controls, and distributable viewer controls for desktop, web, and mobile.

ActiveReports helps you design, customize, publish, and view data in your business applications. It has the tools to design everything from simple invoices to complex statistical data visualizations. You can even enable your end users to design reports for themselves while retaining control over their access to your application data.

Report Types for Every Need


Page Reports: Layout Driven Reports

In Page reports, pages act as containers. Each page can be a copy of the first or a clean page. Data that overflows your tables or other data regions can span pages, but you control the layout of each page and specify where the overflow data goes with a placeholder. This report type is great for billing statements, mail merge, catalogs, forms, and other reports with layout constrictions.


RDL Reports: Data Driven Reports

RDL reports are like a continuous roll of paper. You can use multiple report components in one page (traditionally impossible without sub-reports) and multiple data sources in one report. The continuous page is useful when you don’t know how much data there will be. It runs through the data rows until it’s finished. This is a great option for long tabular reports such as General Ledgers.


Section Reports: Traditional Banded Reports

This is the traditional ActiveReports banded report with a detail section for repeating data, and optional header and footer sections for groups, pages, and the overall report. Section Reports can also be completely code based. If you want to generate reports using all code, this might be the option for you.

Complete Collection of Data Visualization Controls

ActiveReports outfits you with a toolbox packed with controls to help you create any kind of report you can imagine, from interactive matrices that the user can expand and collapse to clickable maps and charts, to scannable barcodes and printable books with tables of contents.


Bullets and Sparklines


Bar Codes





Tables of Contents



Banded Lists


Formatted and Rich Textboxes

Containers and Overflow Placeholders

Customizable Viewers for Every Platform

Embed our customizable viewers into your applications to give your users a table of contents, thumbnails, drilldown interactivity, parameters, and even annotations. They are royalty-free and ready to use, so there is no need to code your own.


Display your reports in PDF format, raw HTML, or in a fully interactive Flash or ASP.NET viewer.

Responsive HTML5 Viewer

Embed it in your web application to offer your users the best experience across devices.

WPF Viewer

Embed the touch-enabled viewer built specifically for WPF applications.

WinForms Viewer

Displays reports in your Windows applications with full interactivity support for drill down reports.

Dynamic Reports

With an extensive .NET API, you can control Section Report behavior using events or even design dynamic reports entirely in code. Use property expressions to change the run-time behavior of controls in RDL and Page reports.

Unique Code-based Report Type

This special report type has code-behind, just like your Windows Forms controls that lets you use C# and VB.NET code-behind to generate, design, render, print, or export reports.

.NET Overloadable Events

Overload and define what happens at each event in the report execution process, from initialization to run, render, export, and print.

Property Expressions

Change the runtime behavior of RDL or Page Reports and their data regions and controls using

Comprehensive API

The .NET API is integrated into the Visual Studio IDE and provides you with the same control over properties that you expect from Visual Studio controls.

Self-Service Reporting for Your End Users

End users always ask for tweaks in standard reports. Give them the power to make the changes themselves with a fully customizable set of report designer controls.

Report Designer Control

Add a drag and drop report designer to your application. Control the functionality and experience through the extensive set of .NET properties, methods, and events.

Report Library Control

Enable your users to construct reports using parts from other reports in the system. The report parts automatically bring along data and settings, making report design a breeze.

Report Explorer Control

Display the functional parts of their report including datasources, datasets, charts, textboxes, bullets, and more.

Layers and Group Editor Controls

Provide your users with more finite design control for complex reports and data regions.

Integrated with ActiveReports Server Core

Create reports in the developer friendly Visual Studio integrated report designer or the End User Designer controls and publish them, along with related resources, directly to the ActiveReports Server Core for user access.

Report Parts

Use Reports already hosted on the server as Report Parts libraries to create new reports to publish on the server.

Shared Datasources & Datasets

Publish and manage datasource connections to the server. Create secured datasets for easy access to data without needing to recreate datasets for each report.

Shared Stylesheets

Format all your reports to look the corporate brand by sharing CSS like Stylesheets for RDL and Page reports securely shared on the server.

Server Images, Master Reports and SubReports

Publish Images, Master Reports and Sub Reports to create brand consistent template reports and shared subreports to use across your reporting requirements.

Server based report execution

Leverage the power of your server environment to execute reports even for your WinForm and WPF Report Viewers.

Two Editions


The Professional edition offers all the features of ActiveReports plus the End User Designer control, Maps, HTTP Handlers, the WebViewer control, DocX exporting, and advanced PDF export options.


The Standard edition offers viewer controls, three report types, a range of exports, and a Visual Studio-integrated report designer with a toolbox full of report controls.

Other Popular Features


Fast .NET Reporting Engine

The ActiveReports engine gets and processes data into the report layout. It is streamlined and performance focused. We constantly ensure optimal memory use and efficient report rendering.


Flexible .NET API

We integrate with Visual Studio as a native toolset, so all the properties that you can set in the Properties window are also available in code. You can even control what happens when reports initialize, run, render, export, and print using events.

Convert Crystal Reports

ActiveReports includes utilities that convert reports from other tools, including Crystal Reports. These converter wizards are easy to use and save time.


Import Layouts from Excel

If you have your report layout defined in Excel, you can import the layout directly into ActiveReports. You can even import the report layout from files exported to excel from other report authoring tools.

Visual Query Designer

In ActiveReports designers, use the Visual Query Designer to generate optimized queries through a drag and drop interface that exposes database tables. You can make complex queries using joins, expressions, filters, and more. There’s even a data preview to confirm your query results.

Rich Chart Controls

ActiveReports includes chart controls supporting financial, bar, pie, bubble, and more types, plus bullet and sparkline controls.


Barcodes help with tracking goods and other operations. ActiveReports offers extensive support for the major barcode symbologies so you can easily add the types you need to your reports. These include Ansi39 variations, Code 2 of 5, Code25intlv, Code25mat, Code39, Code39x, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C, Code 128Auto, Code93, Code93x, MSI, PostNet, Intelligent Mail, Codabar, EAN variations, UPC variations, RM4SCC, UCCEAN128, QRCode, Micro QRCode, Code49, JapanesePostal, GS1 variations, Pdf417, MicroPDF417, and Data Matrix.

Data Visualization

ActiveReports goes beyond mere charts and adds advanced data visualization tools such as maps and sparklines to create meaningful data summaries.


Format Reports with Stylesheets and Themes

ActiveReports lets developers and end users work with embeddable CSS like Stylesheets and Themes to consistently format and brand reports through out your application.


Drill Down Interactivity

ActiveReports doesn’t just produce static, printed reports. Give your end users engaging interactivity like drill down, parameter filtering, and sorting.


Excel Rendering Extension

The Excel Rendering Extension provides greater layout accuracy and performance optimization when exporting reports to Microsoft Excel file formats.

Export to Multiple Formats

ActiveReports exports to the major modern document types such as PDF, Excel, DocX, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, and TIFF. You can customize the export process using the API.


Scriptable Runtime Events

Section reports have scriptable report events that you can override to dynamically add controls and fields, manipulate data, and change formatting. No need to write a wrapper and manage your own events. Our built-in events make your job easier and save you time.

Selective Control Printing

You can provide different versions of a report for different targets using the Layers feature, or scan preprinted forms for accurate layout that you can turn off for printing.


All aspects of your project and output can be localized and ActiveReports supports all major language character sets and locales. Standard and custom multi-byte character sets are supported. ActiveReports is also available in multiple languages.

Granular Printing Control

Get system-level control of printer jobs, paper sizes, pages per sheet, duplex, booklet printing, and paper trays. You can specify different trays for letterhead and plain paper and envelopes, different gutters and margins on odd and even pages, and so on.

Custom Control Support

To integrate tightly with your applications, ActiveReports lets you use custom controls. Add your custom control to your project and use it on reports just like any ActiveReports control.

Royalty Free Developer Licensing

ActiveReports is licensed per developer. When distributing the ActiveReports reporting engine as a part of your work, your deployment is royalty free, redistributable without limit, and has no end user licensing requirements. ActiveReports is XCOPY friendly, so you can just copy the assemblies into your project and deploy it all together.

Optional Maintenance Plan

ActiveReports offers an annual maintenance option which includes phone, email, and prioritized forum support. It also includes hot fixes, service packs, and major releases for the year.

Even More Features


Master Reports

Conditional Formatting

Report Stylesheets

Rich Text Support




Financial Charts

Shared Datasets

Report Parts


Composite Charts

Server Resources


Report Designer & Design Time Features
Section ReportsDesign reports using banded sections similar to those found in Access reports. In addition to the detail section, you can add report and page header and footer sections, as well as any number of nested group header and footer sections. 
Page ReportsDesign reports for specific fixed-page layouts. Ideal for letters, bills, pre-printed forms and other documents where layout is contingent on the space available on the page. Use tables, charts, matrices, lists, and more to create your report layout. 
RDL ReportsDesign reports for continous flow layouts, ideal for reports where data size is variable and strict layout restrictions are not present. Use tables, charts, matrices, lists, and more to create your report layout. Use multiple datasources in one report. 
Section Report ControlsLabel, TextBox, CheckBox, RichTextBox, Shape, Picture, Line, PageBreak, BarCode, SubReport, OleObject, ChartControl, ReportInfo, CrossSectionLine, and CrossSectionBox 
Page Report & RDL Report ControlsBarCode, Bullet, Chart, Multi-axis Charts **, CheckBox, Container, FormattedText, Image, Line, OverflowPlaceholder, Shape, and TextBox 
Page Report & RDL Report Data RegionsTablix, Table, Matrix, List, Sparkline, Calendar, and BandedList 
Report XML FilesStore reports as files that can be loaded at run time. Supports RPX and RDLX proprietary XML formats. 
LayersRDL and Page Reports support Layers to allow groups of report controls to appear differently based on the output target device (screen, print and export). 
Styles and SettingsCreate consistent looking reports through the use of style sheets (across all report types) and themes (RDL & Page reports only). You can save style sheets and themes to external files and use them across multiple reports or embed them to make the reports portable. 
ScriptingReports support scripting in VB.NET (Section, RDL and Page reports) and C# (Section only). 
Design-Time FeaturesCreate reports easily with snaplines, built-in preview, designer zoom, formatting and alignment toolbars, report control z-order, data source dialogs, parameter dialogs, and more. 
Master ReportsDesign report templates that can be inherited to share similar report design and structure with content reports. 
End User Designer ControlsDevelopers can use the Designer, ReportExplorer, and Toolbox Windows Forms controls to create their own report designer that allow users to edit or create reports. Developers can then distribute their custom designer, royalty-free.  
BarcodesAnsi39, Ansi39x, Code 2 of 5, Code25intlv, Code25mat, Code39, Code39x, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C, Code 128Auto, Code93, Code93x, MSI, PostNet, Intelligent Mail, Codabar, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E0, UPC E1, RM4SCC, UCCEAN128, QRCode, Code49, JapanesePostal, Pdf417, EAN 128 FNC1, GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataBar Truncated, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Expanded, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked, GS1 DataBar Limited, MicroPDF417, MicroQR **, and Data Matrix. 
2D ChartsArea, Bar, Bezier, Bezier XY, Bubble, Bubble XY, Candle, Doughnut, Funnel, Gantt, High Low, High Low Open Close, Horizontal Bar, Kagi, Line, Line XY, Pie, Plot XY, Point and Figure, Pyramid, Renko, Scatter, Stacked Area, Stacked Area 100 Percent, Stacked Bar, Stacked Bar 100 Percent, Three Line Break, and Dot Plot (Page reports only). 
3D ChartsArea, Bar, Bezier, Bezier XY, Clustered Bar, Doughnut, Funnel, Gantt, Horizontal Bar, Kagi, Line, Line XY, Pyramid, Renko, Stacked Area, Stacked Area 100%, Stacked Bar, Stacked Bar 100%, Three Line Break. 
Bullets & SparklinesBullets and other dashboard charts. 
MapsBingMaps, GoogleMaps, OpenStreet Maps, Mapquest with API.  
Table of ContentsGenerate a table of contents for Page and RDL reports with bookmarked sections, styles, and so on.  
Data & Datasources
Direct AccessSupports ADO.NET data providers, ADO.NET data classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataReader, DataView), ODP.NET (Oracle data provider), XML Data **, JSON Data **, CSV Files **, and custom unbound data. 
Visual Query DesignerDesign optimized SQL Queries through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UX supporting filters, groups, joins and SQL expressions. 
Server-Based Shared Data Sources & Data SetsSupports Report Server managed data sources and data sets for better data governance and data layer isolation. 
Viewers & Run Time Features
Windows Forms ViewerIncludes a viewer with touch support which allows users to enter parameter values; print; copy to clipboard; search; select from single-, multiple-, or consecutive-page mode; zoom; navigate through pages; add annotations; export; view page thumbnails; and follow hyperlinks. Allows you to customize the toolbar to add your own features. 
WPF ViewerIncludes a WPF Viewer with parameter input, search, page navigation, exports, printing, among other standard viewer features. 
Azure SupportActiveReports supports full and partial trust in Windows Azure. PDF and Excel export filters work under partial trust with certain features requiring full trust. 
ASP.NET Medium Trust SecurityActiveReports supports ASP.NET Medium Trust, very useful for multiple applications running on a shared server. Note that some features may not work under medium trust. 
WebViewer ControlHTML Viewer with parameter input, search, and page navigation.  
Flash Viewer with printing, page range printing, search, single-, multi-, or continuous-page modes, zoom, page navigation, exports, thumbnail views, hyperlinks, and a customizable toolbar. *
PDF Viewer (displays in Adobe Reader).  
Raw HTML (displays in the browser).  
HTTP HandlersPDF (takes a compiled report or RPX file).  
HTML (takes a compiled report or RPX).  
HTML5 Viewer ControlIncludes an HTML5 viewer that supports desktop and mobile devices with printing, page navigation, galley mode **, exports, emailing, hyperlinks, and customizable UI.
Server-Side Report ExecutionUse Windows Forms Viewer, WPF Viewer and Report Designers to execute and work with all types of reports published on ActiveReports Server. 
Import, Export & Other Outputs
Import ReportsImport reports from Excel Sheets **, SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access. 
PrintYou can control the size, orientation, binding generation, collation, two-sided printing, and paper feed tray to use when printing. Print programmatically or use the viewer control UI. 
PDF ExportSupports end-user defined character output.  
Japanese language font embedding and embedded font selection.  
Japanese language bold font emulation.  
Japanese language italic font emulation. 
Multi-language font support. 
Multi-language font support with font linking and fallback fonts.  
PDF/A support.  
Digitally sign exported reports, proving authenticity.  
Print presets for PDF printing. **  
Time stamped exported reports.  
DocX ExportExport Page reports & RDL reports to the Office Open XML document format. Supports natural document flow with page headers, footers, automated table of contents, and page numbers.  
Other ExportsIncludes export filters for PDF, HTML, Excel, Text, TIFF, RTF, and RDF (ActiveReports report document format that you can display in the ActiveReports Viewers). Page reports and RDL Reports also support XML and Word formats.
Report Publishing & Server-Based Features
Web Based HTML5/JS Report PortalResponsive report portal with categorized report list that uses role-based security.  
Web Based HTML5/JS Administrator DashboardResponsive administrator dashboard to manage shared data sources, shared data sets, reports, categories, schedules, security, scalability, load balancing and other server settings.  
Distributed Load BalancingBuilt-in plug-and-play architecture using Managed Agents to balance report execution load  
Centralized, Role-based SecurityServer-based user and role management.  
Scheduling and Report DistributionUser-controlled subscription-based scheduling for automated delivery of reports through email, web links, and file shares.  
Printer Management and Batch Printing **User controlled scheduled tasks for batch printing with administrator module for Printer Management.  
Report Audit LogTrack what reports are run, which users log in, and more for compliance needs.  
ActiveDirectory/LDAP Support for User ManagementUse built-in security provider hook-ups for AD and LDAP based user management.  
Extensible Security Provider APIIntegrate third party user management through an extensive API.  
RESTful APIAccess server features using RESTful API and integrate with external applications.  
Customizable Portal Themes **Customize the look and feel of the Rpeort Portal and Administrator Dashboard with your own logos and color themes.  
Fully Customizable Portal Sample **Customize Report Portal features, User Interface and User Experience using the source code available on GitHub  
Single-Sign-On SupportImplement SSO using built-in or external authentication providers.  
Multi-Tenant Deployment SupportDeploy across multiple customers with user based data isolation mechanism built in to the security architecture.