PowerHouse® 4GL

High-Productivity Application Development Solutions

PowerHouse equips your organization with high productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster—whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. PowerHouse has gained a worldwide reputation with thousands of customers for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility.

With PowerHouse, your developers can conquer both quality and time-to-deployment challenges through simplified programming requirements and open access to multiple databases and file systems. Flexible PowerHouse design tools enable business solutions to be built quickly and modified easily, often delivering time and cost savings of up to 90% when compared with programming languages such as COBOL, BASIC, C, C++, or Java.This enables your developers to focus on what the applications need to do—not how they will do it.

The PowerHouse family is currently in use worldwide by thousands of customers, and is used by many partner organizations to create both off-the-shelf and customized solutions across many industry sectors—including finance, HR, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, and customer service.

At the heart of the entire PowerHouse solution—which includes PowerHouse 4GL Server, PowerHouse® Web, and Axiant® 4GL—is the PowerHouse application server engine. Refined and performance-tuned over many years of ongoing research and development, this engine contains sophisticated processing models that encapsulate our extensive knowledge of data-driven business applications. It knows how to access and update various types of files and databases; it knows about the relationships between data in business applications, and how they affect processing; how data is validated on entry and formatted for display; and how to handle exception conditions when they arise.